This is a collection of the things I've found on the net that inspire me. I just wanted to see them all in one place as sort of a visual diary. Hoping others can get inspired by these findings too. Spreading the love! This is not a page for commercial use and I am posting work here made by others. If you are the author/creator of any of these works and object to it being here please contact me and I can remove it.

Great event that fueled a lot of creativity for all of us there in Las Vegas. #Impact13 #IMA

I think improv is essential for anyone in a creative field, but also, anyone simply wanting to get the most out of life. And this is how you get the most out of studying improv itself. Only thing I would add is that I think people in class should be sober. 

#30 Seconds to Mars #Inspitational Artists #great music


Movember “David’s Big Problem”
Agency: TAXI2
Executive Creative Director: Lance Martin
Creative Director: Jeff MacEachern
Art Director: Craig Ferguson
Copywriter: Tal Wagman
Producer: Brie Gowans
Director: Shawn Zeytinoglu/Radke Films
Editor: Melanie Hider  

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Great Idea! I want one! Let’s help these get made for all to enjoy.

I came across this while researching something else and I am incredibly inspired by the idea and also enlightened about the issues this one project addresses.

Creative thinking can make the world a better place and this is a group that will likely inspire us all.

Now that’s a romantic wedding video. It gives the sense of being there without being boring. Nothing cliché that I can see either although, yes it is a hipster match made in hipster heaven.

Even a buried treasure can have relevance and fuel creativity years later.

I have updated my cargo collective page


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